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Member of CrossFit Strode Station doing a squat snatch lift.

GPP Membership

On-Ramp $150 – 5 sessions ( must complete before joining classes)

$132.50-Unlimited classes

Add additional family members $79.50

6 Months Paid In Full- $630


Youth Strength & Conditioning

$45- per hour

$30- per 1/2 hour

$375- 10 Sessions


Kids Fitness

(8-12 yrs. old)

Members: $75 per month

Non-members: $99 per month


Kettlebell Club

$73.50 per month

(16 classes available for that month paid)

On Ramp Program.jpg

Personal Training

$45 per hour

$30 per 1/2 hour

$375 per 10 sessions

Young athlete getting creativewith her stength programming on the belt squat machine.

Drop-In Rate

1-2 days FREE

3-7 days Starbucks gift cards for your coaches

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